R.O.A.R. stands for replication of ALS reversals. In this program, we will be conducting small pilot trials of treatments associated with ALS reversals. In response to feedback from patients, these trials will be widely inclusive, largely virtual (few in person visits required), historically controlled (no placebos), and have results available in real time. We will also publish our active protocols so that people outside the trials can discuss trying them with input from their own doctors.

Results from Completed ROAR Trials will be listed here:

1. Lunasin

View a poster that describes the final results https://f1000research.com/posters/6-2118

Watch a webinar that describes the final results https://www.neals.org/for-people-with-als-caregivers/educational-webinars/lazarus-by-lunasin-untangling-an-als-x-file


Protocols and Preliminary Results from Active ROAR Trials will be listed here:

1. Curcumin

View the protocol (coming in 2018)